The Winter Workshop on Complex Systems 2016 gathered together 34 early-stage researchers from all over the world. During the one-week workshop the participants designed novel, cross-disciplinary research projects about complex systems. On the last day, participants provided group presentations about possible research questions related to complexity issues and feedback is provided by the workshop scientific board and by other participants too.

The WWCS 2016 project presentations are the following:

  • Neural network behaviour after different stimulations patterns (slides) by: Adriana Sanz, Hyunju Kim, Inês Boavida-Portugal, Ivan Gonzalez Torre, Natalí Barros Zulaica, Nikos Kouvaris, Pablo Catalán.
  • Diminishing returns in scientific discoveries (slides) by: Sabin Roman, Sarah Laborde, Emilia Garcia Casademont, Cole Mathis, Abeer Yehia.
  • Publicly shared resources: Adoption and collective learning (slides) by: Laura Alessandretti, Federico Botta, Elisa Omodei, Garvin Haslett, Inês Boavida-Portugal.
  • Performance optimization in educational and company networks (slides) by: Matteo Cinelli, Luis A. Martinez-Vaquero, Goran Murić, Ignacio Tamarit, Ioannis Zisis, José A. Cuesta.